Born in Mumbai and surrounded by artists and musicians, I quickly discovered my creative spirit and developed a keen interest in various forms of art. While accompanying my father on his business trips as a child, I visited ancient Indian architectural sites and was inspired by their intricate forms and vibrant colors. After earning a BFA in Graphic Design from the University of Mumbai, I emigrated to the United States in 1984. While raising my family in New Jersey, I volunteered my artistic abilities for a few non-profit organizations. After my younger son entered school, I studied computer graphics in county college. I worked for 2 years as a computer graphic designer, and then trained in web design and computer programming.

During my employment as a programmer at a large telecommunications company, I quenched my artistic thirst by painting on glass, wood, fabrics, and canvas. After being laid off during the economic downturn of 2001, I became a full-time floorcloth artist. The patterns of my hand-painted canvas rugs are inspired by colonial American wall and floor designs, and the final products are durable and easy to maintain. I have been recognized by Early American Life magazine as a top floorcloth artist, with my pieces displayed in museums and private collections all over the world.   

After 14 years as a full-time floorcloth artist, I found the creative processes to be pleasing yet repetitive. Also, I was constrained by the shapes, patterns, and a limited color palette.  During my visits to art museums, the works of Henri Matisse, Mark Rothko, Frank Stella, Helen Frankenthaler, V. S. Gaitonde, and S. H. Raza revealed the freedoms of abstraction.  In creating abstract paintings of landscapes, geometrics, and fluids, I have become uninhibited by the organic shapes, bright colors, and evolving textures.

Vritti – Thought Waves was featured by Saatchi Art in a geometric collection.

My first abstract works were geometric paintings, which did not come spontaneously. Starting with pencil sketches, I used my computer skills to create multiple digital representations before finally painting on canvas. This methodical process came naturally to me because of my graphic design training, but I continued to perceive a void in my creative mind. An unplanned immersion into spirituality released me from my comfort zone, and gave me the courage to express my feelings freely. The subjects and colors of my landscape paintings are influenced by the pairing of nature’s inspirations with my mood and impulses. I craft my landscapes with acrylics, oil sticks, and charcoal by using brushes and knives. When creating my fluid artwork, I allow the energy within the liquid colors to flow on its own path. By working with these mixed media in a meditative state, I share my inner spirit with the viewers.

I create abstract paintings of landscapes, geometrics, and fluids through the use of mixed media. My works are inspired by earth, water, wind, fire and space as viewed through the prism of my soul.